Welcome to the corporate website devoted to our company! For over 10 years we exist as a reliable and efficient partner for state and private customers, foreign and local manufacturers and trading companies.
    According to the goals of governmental programme named "Pharma 2020" from our company has already invested more than 5 mln USD in first launch of new domestic and imported antibacterial products. Thus we will have unique and broad portfolio of medicinal products by 2018. All investment projects are launched at the production site, located in the Ruza district, which is the only modern domestic pharmaceutical enterprise in the Moscow region for the cephalosporin antibiotics manufacturing.
    A corporate system for medicinal drug promotion and professional, unified team spirit predetermine setting and achieving ambitious goals and objectives. We hope that the information posted here will improve the effectiveness of mutual cooperation, enhance our understanding of the opportunities and benefits and may serve as a stimulus to the beginning of our common path forward!



 Forming of promotion strategy for hospital products;

 Marketing, including positioning and pricing;

 Launch of new drugs in Russia, sales establishment and development of potential customers;

 Creating of integrated drug promotion all over the country;

 Ensuring the objective achievement of sales, profitability and territorial development;

 Registration services, clinical research, branding.


Services for buyers: Formation of unique assortment

 Formation of a unique assortment;

 Development of cost-effective solutions according to customer needs;

 Flexible modeling of commercial bids including the best solutions for INN;

 Legal and consulting services according to domestic legislation;

 Building a long-term partnership policy;

 Anti-crisis programs to stimulate demand;

 Mutual social responsibility.